Monday, August 15, 2005

Great Go Day

I don't have much to say for today, except that it was a great day for go. I only managed to play 2 games, but one of the games was with Peter Strempel, author of my favorite go program, glGo. Being rated 8k?, he gave me 9 stones of handicap. Even that was not enough, as I found myself struck dumb and intimidated like I usually do in these situations. It was one of those games when you make stupid moves that you actually know are stupid AS YOU'RE MAKING THE MOVES. Oh, well. I don't think I can actually learn much from this particular game, considering how badly I played. :(

So why was it such a great day for go? Well, after the game, I chatted his fingers off for a few hours. :) I now know quite a bit more than I did before about glGo, IGS, and internet go in general. I have to say that I have even more faith now that glGo (already the best go client program IMO) will continue to get better and that IGS also will continue to be an excellent place to play and may even improve, too. We also discussed some of the small work I've done on the non-textured skin, the rank grapher, and the stats html page generator, which was fun for me.

Anyway, I'm tired, so I'm signing off, number 22k+ in the rankings, number 1 in your hearts.

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