Friday, July 25, 2008


It's been a while since I updated this blog, and this won't be much of an update. But, I'm just noting that I've changed the layout around a bit and added a banner to the right. I've begun playing chess in April and have been finding it to be much more enjoyable than go.

As I've mentioned to my friend, KillerDucky, I enjoy strategy but I need a game with a payoff. Chess has a payoff where Go does not. Passing a couple times and counting up stones at the end of a game doesn't quite give me the satisfaction of a checkmate.

Oh, and I've also begun learning Shogi. I purchased Shotest Shogi 3D for the PC and will certainly be getting the Xbox Live Arcade version in the Fall. Interestingly, the XBLA version will include quite a few tutorials and puzzles. The PC version (which at $40 costs 4 times as much as the XBLA version) includes none of this. So, the only "tutorial" is watching as the computer crushes me over and over. :)