Saturday, February 03, 2007

New Dominoes from Domino Depot

I've recently purchased a few domino sets and have had some difficulty in finding exactly what I want from a reputable and responsive online vendor. Now that I've found one, I figured I'd make this post to help out anyone else in this situation.

Having already owned a set of regular ivory colored double six dominoes, I wanted to pick up a nice two tone jumbo set with spinners (as pictured). Google searches never quite turned up what I was looking for, so I turned to eBay. After a search and lots of browsing, I found what I was looking for from a seller named col.mustard. While I would have preferred a common vinyl snap case, this set was packaged with a wood box...a small detail that I could easily overlook. I ended up paying $14 plus $9 shipping and prepared to wait.

I did not have to wait long, however, and my family was soon playing with these big snazzy dominoes. :) I also own a similar set of double nines and these new dominoes (while perhaps manufactured from the same company in China?) are slightly nicer in that they seem more uniform in shape and have a darker black backside. It's quite possible that's it was just the luck of the draw. There was one flaw...the five-ace's spinner was not driven in fully or straight and, as a result, was hanging out. I emailed col.mustard he immediately responded, saying that he'll send me out a replacement right away. Great service!

In the paperwork accompanying the domino set was a flyer promoting col.mustard's website, Domino Depot. There you can find this set and others at excellent prices. In fact, the set I purchased is actually only $11.95 (plus the $9 shipping cost) direct from the site. The URL is:

I am in no way affiliated with the site...just a customer and fan.

Have fun!