Sunday, September 07, 2008

September Shogi Open at BrainKing

I've registered for the September Shogi Open tournament over at BrainKing.  There is a maximum of 15 players (currently 13) and the time setting is 10 days per move.  That's awfully slow, so I'm sure this will take a while.   The major problem with a slow tournament is that I won't be able to join another one, even if all my games are completed since unpaid players on BrainKing can only be registered for one tournament at a time.  Either way, the players don't look to be rated too highly so hopefully I'll be able to compete a bit.

It should be fun!


takodori said...

The photo of shogi sets is nice. Is it yours in your room?

frankiii said...

No, I found it on flickr and resized it so that it can be the main wallpaper for my iPhone. :)

My set has still not arrived.