Friday, September 19, 2008

Progress Update

Ugh. Shogi is a TOUGH game. It is a VERY tough game. I feel like I have made no progress at all, despite the fact that I'm studying tsume shogi problems, playing many games against Shotest Shogi, and trying to make my way through the Fairbairn book. I get the feeling like Shogi may turn out to be like's difficult enough to drive you crazy, yet every once in a while you make a good solid shot which keeps you addicted and makes you play another 20 lousy games until you experience the feeling of making that one good shot again. In Shogi, it's not a golf's a tesuji or, for me, something as simple as finding a pin or a fork.

In Chess, I feel like I've made quite a large amount of progress...certainly enough to beat many humans and weak computer problems. I'm at the stage where I actually can think about why I'm making moves and my game has purpose. Chess isn't *that* much different from Shogi, is it? Well, I think part of the problem is simply that there is no quality learning material for Shogi here in the West. If the Fairbairn "Shogi for Beginners" book was a chess book, I'd have tossed it by now and moved onto another one. I suppose I'll save a full review for some point after I finish it, but for now it's safe to say that there is very little I like about his teaching style or the actual book layout. It's very disappointing.

On the Shotest Shogi XBLA front, I've made a couple friends from the forums but have yet to play them online. They're beginners just as I am, so hopefully we'll be able to play at some point and maybe learn a few things together.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Japanese.
And I'm shogi beginners, too.
I found your blog at shotest shogi forum(

It's important that beginners experience to win.
Computer AI is usually weak when you attacked quickly.
So, first I recommend Bogin(Climbing Silver) strategy.
Its easy to understand and fun to play.

Learning Tesuji is better for beginners than learning many strategy.

Senzaki 8dan said "if you choose Furibisha(Ranging rook) strategy, Shikenbisha(Fourth File Rook) strategy and Mino Castle is suitable for begginers."

I found the tactics and strategy explanation by Yasuharu Oyama(15th Meijin) in English.

Enjoy shogi and xbox!

takodori said...

Although you may be aware, the following sites are very useful. The first one includes some explanations about Bogin(climbing Silver) as mentioned above.

frankiii said...

I've seen shogi shack but not your first URL. Thanks!