Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Diving Into Online Shogi

I've begun playing shogi online! For turn-based action, brainking.com fits the bill despite its ad-heavy interface. For real-time excitement, playok.com has a really nice java applet-based multi-game interface. I'm not a fan of java applets, but this one is definitely usable.

I just completed my first game there now and lost on time despite feeling well ahead. I was clicking madly with 5 seconds to go (out of the 10 seconds in the blitz byoyomi) but nothing registered. Sigh. I guess the moral of the story is to avoid blitz online. :)

I'm lotsoblots at both sites, so feel free to challenge any time. :)

Oh, and I'm using the traditional pieces exclusively now, so I expect to miss more than a few moves! :D


Luis said...

Awesome, I love shogi too. I'm ludwig1024 on both playok and brainking. I'll send you a challenge right away!

frankiii said...

Hi! I'm curious how you found my blog...

I look forward to playing you!

Luis said...

Hmm..I forget now, but it's probably because of all your posts about Go. I must've found one of them and then added your blog feed to my Google Reader account, like I do with anything Go and Shogi related :)

I'm ludwig on KGS and on DGS, by the way.