Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mac OS X Shogi Software

Since beginning iPhone development, I've had the opportunity to use Mac OS X again. If I'm going to spend much time with it, obviously I will need some Shogi and Chess software. :D The Shogi selection is small, but the applications are of very high quality.

As an application for playing Shogi, I use Shogi Z by MacBrains:

Shogi Z

The graphics (both Japanese and Western tile sets) are beautiful and the tile placement sounds are very pleasant to my ear. To register the trial version, it's a mere 1500 yen, so you can be up and playing for less than 15 bucks. My only little complaint with the application is that, upon startup, the main window draws in the top left of the screen and then immediately redraws in the middle. I'm more anal-retentive than most people and it's almost embarrassing that these little interface glitches do bug me, but they do. :)

As a study tool, MacShogi by Eric Cheymol fits the bill:


Like Shogi Z, the graphics are outstanding. However, this application makes it easier to play through variations and review games. Eric even provides a large number of games suitable for opening in MacShogi. The software has only been compiled for G4 so there are a few small issues with running on a modern Intel-based Mac, but I've exchanged emails with Eric and he has plans to release a new build this week. I look forward to it.


d @ vidb PERIDOT net said...

what about a shogi game FOR iphone? Been looking but nothing yet. If you find one, please let us know!!

frankiii said...

Nope, so far the closest is Chinese Chess.

stargood said...

for d @ vidb PERIDOT:

you may know this already,

frankiii said...

No, I hadn't seen that!!! Purchase made. Thank you!

stargood said...

You're welcome. I actually found your blog when I wss googling for Shogi software for MacOSX. The two items you list are the best I've seen so far so thank you too.

llaisdy said...

Dear Frankiii

Hi, I found your blog looking for Shogi software for Mac OS X. Vey useful and encouraging blog!

My wife and son bought me a Shogi set for Christmas and I'm just dipping my toes into it. Exciting but difficult, and the only book I have is the Fairbairn, which as you've said is not a pleasant read.

I'm a bit stingy when it comes to software. Have you tried the free programs Booze or xshogi? I've just downloaded them both and had a play (I am kind of kindergarten level). Booze is not impressive; xshogi is an ancient Unix stalwart but at least the Mac OS X version (I installed with fink) is a bit prettier.

Best wishes


frankiii said...

No, I have not tried Booze or xshogi. If I'm going to play a beautiful game like shogi on the computer it is going to have to look good. Life is too short/long to use ugly software. :D

llaisdy said...

Well, that is sensible.

I've just worked out the trial version of Shogi Z is free for 21 days. I think 1500 yen (for the full version?) is about a tenner.

Thanks for the encouragement.


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