Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Techno Go

While reading a review of some software that I'll never use, written for an OS that I will probably never use again, I came across an image of a dog who had apparently appeared on the cover of a techno album (music I never listen to). Reckoning that a dog on the cover of a music album is funny stuff indeed, I clicked the link to check it out. Lo and behold, dogs are playing go!

The Mole - One Foot On Either Side of The Ladder


ChiyoDad said...

Gee! Dogs playing Go?

What's next? Dogs playing Poker?

Hmm. I may have just gotten an inspiration for a painting (from the former and not the latter).

Anonymous said...

Oh, 17 * 17 ancient szie

O_Scientist said...

Just gently pointing out that it's time to update your blog again :p


Zach Beane said...

Yes. And please include some stuff about afterstep in your updates!

frankiii said...

Oh my goodness I actually thought of you today before this. WOW.