Wednesday, November 16, 2005

KGS Hiatus

I've suddenly decided to take another small step in my young go journey and declare a minor KGS hiatus. While I love the site and, heck, even subscribed as a KGS Plus member, something that Zero9090 said in jest about lurkers has hit home. All I've been doing lately on KGS has been lurking - that is, chatting, beating up on some hapless bots, and throwing in an occasional game or two with my new KGS friends and fellow go students. Part of the problem has certainly been due to family matters out of my control (which will probably make me withdraw from the ironman tournament I was so excited about earlier) but most of it has been that, when I could actually play, I'd only login and begin chatting or observing. Also, there have been times when I simply want to play and NOT chat, but I dread logging in and having people observe the game and then later review it. While I love reviews and appreciate really good reviews like yoyoma has provided, there are times when I just want to sit down and play, score it up, and play again.

So, I'll be on IGS for a while. It's not the nice club atmosphere of KGS, the client programs are not quite as clean and reliable as cgoban2, and I still think it's much more tedious to find a game for someone of my rank with their challenge system. But it's almost all go, almost all the time. :) Maybe I'll see you there. But if we meet, let's play!


ChiyoDad said...

You may see me on IGS once in a while too, albeit for a different reason. I'd like to put my skills to a test against the IGS ranking system.

KGS does have more of a social atmosphere than IGS. There are pros and cons to that and I can understand your sentiments.

Family always comes first. I still hope that you might find the time to participate in the Iron Man Tournament.

frankiii said...

Well, after nearly an entire day-long hiatus, I'm back at KGS and have played a couple games. :^) I did manage to play 6 or 7 today on IGS and really enjoyed them but could not for the life of me get a game around 9pm US/Central.

The tournament is still up in the air but I hope I can play. Thanks!