Saturday, November 26, 2005

Code Brown Wrapup

The Code Brown espresso I blogged about earlier has run its course and the ballots are's good coffee! Once I managed to tune the grind and dosing to create the 25-28 second pull, a stronger body stood out and it wasn't so citrusy or tart as before. This espresso blend is also great in my soy lattes because it doesn't get overpowered by the soy milk and it manages to push its own flavors through. My wife, who normally drinks Decaf Black Cat, tried Code Brown in her latte (regular milk) and liked the taste, too.

Now, would I buy Code Brown again? Well, right now I am back to Black Cat with plans on next testing Espresso Vivace's famous espresso blend. Once I complete the rounds of testing popular blends such as this, I can easily see myself coming back to Code Brown as an occasional change in my Black Cat routine. Time will tell. In the meanwhile, here's a shot of my last soy latte art with the Code Brown.

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