Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shotest Shogi Developer Interaction

Well, good news! The Shotest Shogi developers are taking an interest in the community and have posted on the forums:

"As requested, developer dropping by. :)

Thanks for your support guys. As you've noticed, whilst the game's doing very well in Japan we're kinda struggling back home a bit. We're talking with MS about what we can do to get some more exposure over here.

A game like Shogi's never going to have a massive userbase, but it would be nice to get *some* westerners playing!"

Good luck to the SS team!


Jessica said...

Hey there,

Got your message on authoritea. For good oolong, I'd take a look at Seven Cups, but their prices are a real shocker if you are used to places like Adagio. Mighty Leaf is a great company. So is Samovar, Serendipitea, Rishi...there is a lot of good oolong out there, and there are a lot of good teas, but I just today threw out all of my Enjoying Tea oolong samples -- I just can't even review them anymore. Their tea is absolutely terrible.

Thanks for reading, take care!

frankiii said...

Yes, I've been there. I recently threw out an entire bag of their fujian silver needle. I can normally drink anything and would never throw out tea, but this was just plain bad.